Hero Complex EP

by TheFifthSister

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TheFifthSister is back with her 4th EP

TheFifthSister would like to thank Dr Vern, and the rest of Sci-Fried, Alpha Riff, Marc With A C and The Doubleclicks for their relentless support and advice. You guys are the best!


released October 6, 2015

All songs written, performed, engineered and mixed by TheFifthSister.
Recorded at Quad Studios, Leicester, UK. www.quadstudios.co.uk
Artwork by TheFifthSister




TheFifthSister Leicester, UK

When I look back sometimes I wish I'd been a ninja...

Geek rock straight outta England.

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Track Name: I Want To Be An Agent
Don my purple gloves to face another day
Snag, bag and tag – the world to save
Farnsworth, Tesla and grappler at my side
Got a ping – another artifact to find
Call it a “vibe”; call it a feeling
But things around here are about to get freaky
Catch the scent of fudge in the air
Another artifact out there causing despair
Threatening to ruin the worlds day...

I wanna be a Warehouse agent
It’s what I was born to be
Endless wonder; so many things to see
Hey, hey, hey – an agents life for me
There are lives on the line
Come to the rescue at the risk of mine
Saving the world one artifact at a time

Brain washed and body swapped
Drunk, pregnant, old, blonde – been through the lot
Who would have thought a compass could affect a life?
Or the tick of a metronome could preserve mine?
Rose from the ashes like a Phoenix
Brushed with death so much I’ve got the t-shirt
I can handle being whammied again
As long as I don’t wind up crazy, evil or dead
Never rule anything out...

It’s been a long journey to take
Strangers brought together in the most unusual way
The fear, the horror, the tough times together we face
Another threat trying to take it all away
Lost friends; sacrifices have been made
Family forged; in the face of crisis we blaze

Don my purple gloves to face another day
Another day of endless wonder awaits
With my partner and best friend at my side
I’ll protect this happy place of mine
Grown from next gen to agent to caretaker
Fell for my knight in Victorian armour
Found a place that I can call home
Against it all found my place in the world
Wondering at endless wonder...
Track Name: Lost At Sea
I have to tell you I have no soul
The cats took it long ago
That's a strange thing to say, I know
That's just how the story goes
It started around the time
That my Dad walked out of my life
To a new city; got himself a new wife
We managed to scrape by

I look up to the sky
See the flickering lights
Try to open that door
To the person I was before
The stars I see
Are grounding me
I can feel
Lost at sea...

I close my eyes and see it clear
"No"... and then the cats appear
Somehow they're always near
Every second I feel unclear
Too many people have said goodbye
To the point were I no longer try
To keep friends at my side
Now I'm just along for the ride

I'm terrified of everything
Even the reflection looking back at me
I feel a missing piece
Like something won't let me be