I Didn't Know What To Name This EP

by TheFifthSister

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After much deliberation over what to name this EP I had an epiphany. This is my 3rd EP.

TheFifthSister would like to thank Dr Vern, KSV and the rest of Sci-Fried, Alpha Riff and Marc With A C for their relentless support, advice and friendship. You guys are the best!


released April 13, 2015

All songs written, performed, engineered and mixed by TheFifthSister.
Recorded at Quad Studios, Leicester, UK. www.quadstudios.co.uk
Artwork by TheFifthSister




TheFifthSister Leicester, UK

When I look back sometimes I wish I'd been a ninja...

Geek rock straight outta England.

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Track Name: All Aboard The SS Fangirl
Tune in every week for another new episode
Slip so easily into fangirl mode
Read between the lines to see what isn't said
Fill in the gaps with missing scenes in my head
Can't help myself; I just start shipping
To me it's the most natural thing
Flourishing romance that will take your breath away
My Twitter handle is your portamento name

I see subtext in everything
Its such a miraculous thing
A romance of which I dream
The greatest love ever seen

It only takes one look to be a couple thereafter
Friendship leads to love leads to happily ever after
I'll write about it in my latest fanfiction
It'll seem so real you'll consider it canon
To this fate all characters succumb
Don't even have to be from the same fandom
Crossovers you never thought could exist
Defended with logic impossible to resist

I see subtext in everything
I'll ship anything
Even if you've never shared a scene
The greatest love ever seen

That look. That touch. We all know you're meant to be
Can't take the suspense anymore. On the edge of my seat.
You embrace, you lean in close. Could this be the moment?
Another near miss

I see subtext in everything
Your love is the real thing
Just read the fanfics to see what I mean
The greatest love ever seen
Track Name: Girl And Her Wolf
I won't let this stand
This strangle hold across the land
I know I must and I know I can
Stop whatever you've got planned

I won't stand by
And let you commit this crime
I will do what's right
And stop you with all my might

So beware
There's a girl and her wolf out there
You've got to know
I won't let this go
Track Name: Survivor
I have had the day from hell
A tale too harrowing to tell
No rest, no respite
Every second in danger for my life
I thought ego was the worst I'd have to face
Not the psychotic cult inhabiting this place
What should have been the discovery of a lifetime
Ended up being a fight for our lives

No greater beauty have I seen with these eyes
Quickly became a nightmare from which I couldn't hide
An adventure turned sour
Fighting an island tormented by power
Just trying to get out of here alive

I think I broke a rib or two
Scaled mountains, fought through rivers to get to you
Pushed past the pain until the end
Took on an army of madmen to save you, my friend
I have fought and taken lives
I've had to tarnish my soul to survive
To be a hero... but at what price?
Too many good people lost their lives

I only wanted to make you proud
The man I'd heard all those stories about
Now all I want in this life is to learn more
Today a survivor was born
Track Name: Mission Accomplished
The world needs saving another time
Its up to us to make things alright
We lay our lives on the line
And just hope this all turns out fine
Circle the wagons; rally the troops
Another artifact is up to no good
Evil's gaining a foothold again
We stand and fight; determined to win

Beaten down but never broken
Defeat is a word never spoken
This world might knock me down but I get right back up
I fight it back.
I won't give up

Talk about cutting it close
Another artifact has us in its throes
We work together to find
A way to neutralise just in time
Takes more than an artifact to stop
Death hasn't wrapped its hands round me
Even when things look grim
Its the fight that matters; we never give in

The world is a scary place
Can be a lot for one person to face
The life and death thing never goes away
But I fight for my home day after day
You can take away all that I have
I'll find a way to bring it back
When it seems that all is lost
We'll save the day; whatever the cost