No, I'm Not Incredible EP

by TheFifthSister

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TheFifthSister would like to thank Dr Vern, KSV and the rest of Sci-Fried for their relentless support, advice and friendship.


released October 27, 2014

Artwork by Rebecca Johnson.

All songs written, performed, engineered and mixed by TheFifthSister.
Recorded at Quad Studios, Leicester, UK.




TheFifthSister Leicester, UK

When I look back sometimes I wish I'd been a ninja...

Geek rock straight outta England.

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Track Name: Got My Jet Pack
Working 9 to 5 drains the life out of me
Boss is in that mood again making everybody unhappy
Work is piling up, more coming every day
Adventures calling me. I've really gotta get away

Got my jet pack on. Gonna take a joyride.
Such a lovely day, the sun is shining bright
Whiling my cares away whilst flying through the sky
Got my jet pack on. Gonna be a good time.

Soaring up above my troubles seem so far away
No early mornings. No boss to face. No bills to pay.
Nothing but fun to have, hair blowing in the breeze
My biggest concern up here in the effects of gravity

Working 9 to 5 drains the life out of me
A little escape sometimes makes me feel so happy
Nothing but freedom in this big wide open space
All it takes is my jet pack to take me to a happy place

Got my jet pack on. Gonna take a joy ride.
Not coming down to earth until its refuelling time
Nothing can bother me. Leave all my worries behind
Got my jet pack on. Gonna be a good time.
Track Name: The Forgotten Fairy
When I woke up that morning it wasn’t in my plans
To help you try to get into the Princess’ pants
When all is said and done where’s my thanks?
What I never told you was you never had a chance
I should have given up this line of work long ago
Not always easy competing with a warrior ego
Got into this as a stepping stone to being the hero
But at the end of the game my name you do not know

The ‘chosen one’ you may be
But you’d still be in bed if it wasn’t for me
I helped craft you into the hero chosen by destiny
But I’m just the forgotten fairy

Somehow you rescued the princess singlehandedly
But you forget there was four plus me in your party
You seem to have never heard ‘there’s no I in team’
Through teamwork and battle tactics you did succeed
I’d like to see you know the right end of your sword
Figure out which axe gives you a higher attack score
And tell me what that potion you have selected is for
Healing with a firebomb is sure to cause more sores

GPS led me to you but foolproof it is not
Seems like anyone in that village could’ve been in with a shot
Killed so many slimes proving you’re a hot shot
A solo act until you’re in a tough spot

Now the story’s over you complain and act upset
So you didn’t get ‘some’ but what did I get?
You wound up the hero; the star of this quest
I’m left waiting for the next call to save the princess
You want the limelight; all the attention
They sing songs of your heroics, it’d be nice to get a sentence
Not asking for much, just a little recognition
Though it was nice of Sci-Fried to give me a mention
Track Name: Tale of Carter
You know, its tough
To feel the things I feel
To be in love
And have to act likes it's not real
Walk around from day to day pretending like nothing's changed...

I fell for you like I was shot with a za'at
I fell so hard and could not go back
You know in all of the galaxy
There's no one who means more to me...

And I can dream
Of a time when they'll be
A you and me
When we don't hide behind regulations so easily
Maybe the only way is in another time and another place...

In an alternate reality
Where you're not another casualty
In a parallel universe
Where love, for me, is not a curse
Track Name: No, I'm Not Incredible
Mundane job. Part of a mundane life
I was born for greatness but forced to hide
A different identity is what I wore
And my true purpose was made to ignore

Now I can't change the way I am
I was born different to most humans
Feared and ridiculed by man
Yet I chose to protect all those I can

Have to blend in, wearing shirts and ties
Told its not conventional to wear a mask and tights
I try to find a way to live, expectable to you
And still do all the good that I am able to do

Do you know what its like to hide
And pretend you're not you to the world outside?
Do you know what its like to be invisible
And pretend you're not incredible?

There was more to this life
Until I was made to give up the fight
Just hope the dark will eclipse the light
Then I'll be called again to fulfil my birthright