The Hero of Hyrule EP

by TheFifthSister

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TheFifthSister is back with her 5th EP, the first of many in 2016!

TheFifthSister would like to thank the crew, Sci-Fried, Alpha Riff, Marc With A C and The Doubleclicks for their relentless support and advice. You guys are the best!


released May 31, 2016

All songs written, performed, engineered and mixed by TheFifthSister.
Recorded at Quad Studios, Leicester, UK.
Artwork by TheFifthSister




TheFifthSister Leicester, UK

When I look back sometimes I wish I'd been a ninja...

Geek rock straight outta England.

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Track Name: Not The Wookie For Me
We had our share of good times
But try as we might
The Force just wasn't on our side
Never fearsome; I thought you were sweet
And I admired your loyalty
But you just weren't the wookie for me

Maybe I didn't want to take on the Empire alone
Maybe I didn't want to be another clone
Really we were always in the friendzone
Like Alderaan we were destined to explode

I was looking for a co-pilot
But found I couldn't commit
Now I'm comfortable to admit
What can I tell ya?
I was into Princess Leia
We bothered deserved so much better

I'd rather lose a hand then break your heart
But the truth is our lives were galaxies apart
It's time for a new start
Do or do not; we gave it a try
But we were heading for the Dark Side
It's time to do this right

You could have been frostier than Hoth
But support you've always got
At my side you've always fought
And though our Alliance has come to an end
I'm glad we can still be friends
Rebel Scum until the end!
Track Name: The Hero of Hyrule
A normal day; started just like the rest
Who would have thought you'd be put to the test
That a hero's heart beat beneath your chest
You'll need your wits about you on this quest
Evil stirs, taking over the land
Take this sword and shield young man
Set out and thwart his plan
The fate of Hyrule rests in your hands

With this new found sense of destiny
Pieces of the puzzle fall into place
A hero of time came to save the day
The only thing standing in evil's way

Boy without a fairy; boy without a past
The hero of legend come to save us at last
Making friends and alliances fast
An impressive arsenal you've amassed
Travelled to every corner of the world
All the necessary skills you have learned
To saving the princess your sights have turned
To the castle you must return

Now with the Triforce on your side
Take the battle to where he resides
Fight with all your might
Now is the time to strike

This is where things get a little bit hairy
He's turned into something big and scary
Time to unleash the arsenal you carry
You can take down this adversary
His weakness has been found
With sword and shield you bound
Defeat him on this battleground
Peace is restored to the world around
Track Name: Ghost of You
Can I say I miss your smile?
Do I even have the right?
It was by my hand you left this world
I'll never forget the sight
You always kept us safe and kept us whole
The kindest person I'll ever know
The heart of our heart; the soul of our soul
Why did you have to go?

I never wanted to betray you
Wish every day I could have saved you
Now all that's left is the ghost of you
There are things I never said to you
I just hope in some way that you knew
Now all that's left is the ghost of you

Can I say I'm sorry
Though it won't make this right?
I still see that look of trust
When I close my eyes at night
All you want in life was to do good
You stayed that day thinking that you would
You were my family; my dearest friend
I never wanted you to meet this end

I feel your guiding hand in every act
I feel you watching everyone of our backs
I feel your presence here
I hope I'll always feel you near