Three Chords And A Geeky Reference

by TheFifthSister

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This ended up being about letting go and finding yourself as a person. About going through tough times and becoming stronger for it. I hope you enjoy!


released August 11, 2017

TheFifthSister would like to thank the crew, Sci-Fried, Marc With A C, Kirby Krackle, The PDX Broadsides and The Doubleclicks for their relentless support and advice and for being people that I truly admire. You guys are the best and inspire my every day!
Dr V: Thanks for pushing me and helping me along the way. You're a superhero!
Jessica: Thanks for all the encouraging tweets and words of advice when I felt like having a meltdown. It meant so much!
Kyle: You the King! Thanks for all the cheerleading.
Angela & Aubrey: Thank you for rooting for me. You two are my heroes.

Katie: I love you to the Death Star and back baby xxx

All songs written, performed, engineered and mixed by TheFifthSister.
TheFifthSister recorded at Quad Studios, Leicester, UK.






TheFifthSister Leicester, UK

When I look back sometimes I wish I'd been a ninja...

Geek rock straight outta England.

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Track Name: Got My Jet Pack
Working 9 to 5 drains the life out of me
Boss is in that mood again making everybody unhappy
Work is piling up, more coming every day
Adventures calling me. I've really gotta get away

Got my jet pack on. Gonna take a joyride.
Such a lovely day, the sun is shining bright
Whiling my cares away whilst flying through the sky
Got my jet pack on. Gonna be a good time.

Soaring up above my troubles seem so far away
No early mornings. No boss to face. No bills to pay.
Nothing but fun to have, hair blowing in the breeze
My biggest concern up here in the effects of gravity

Working 9 to 5 drains the life out of me
A little escape sometimes makes me feel so happy
Nothing but freedom in this big wide open space
All it takes is my jet pack to take me to a happy place

Got my jet pack on. Gonna take a joy ride.
Not coming down to earth until its refuelling time
Nothing can bother me. Leave all my worries behind
Got my jet pack on. Gonna be a good time.
Track Name: Not The Wookie For Me
We had our share of good times
But try as we might
The Force just wasn't on our side
Never fearsome; I thought you were sweet
And I admired your loyalty
But you just weren't the wookie for me

Maybe I didn't want to take on the Empire alone
Maybe I didn't want to be another clone
Really we were always in the friendzone
Like Alderaan we were destined to explode

I was looking for a co-pilot
But found I couldn't commit
Now I'm comfortable to admit
What can I tell ya?
I was into Princess Leia
We bothered deserved so much better

I'd rather lose a hand then break your heart
But the truth is our lives were galaxies apart
It's time for a new start
Do or do not; we gave it a try
But we were heading for the Dark Side
It's time to do this right

You could have been frostier than Hoth
But support you've always got
At my side you've always fought
And though our Alliance has come to an end
I'm glad we can still be friends
Rebel Scum until the end!
Track Name: The Hero
I never asked for this
This rage inside; this darkness I resist
For the whole of my life
I have always tried to do what's right
For every single good deed
I fight back this cloud that's been hanging over me
To be the best I can be
And not let this beat me

I just wanna feel peace
This feeling inside is burning through me
I'm afraid of letting go
I just want to be the hero

I never asked for this
If I could go back I'd avoid the catalyst
No I have to find a way to make peace
And never give this monster release
It would be so easy to give in
With thoughts and feelings telling me to be the villian
But I will try to persevere
And be a saviour for you to cheer

This darkness within
I can't let it win
I am better than this
I was born for goodness
I can't let you see
The worst in me
I will rise up
Be a force for good
Track Name: Lost At Sea
I have to tell you I have no soul
The cats took it long ago
That's a strange thing to say I know
That's just how the story goes
It started around the time
That my Dad walked out of my life
To a new city; got himself a new wife
We managed to scrape by

I look up to the sky
And see the twinkling lights
Try to open the door
To the person I was before
The stars I see
Are grounding me
And I can feel
Lost at sea

I close my eyes and see it clear
"NO!" and then the cats appear
Some how they're always near
Every second I feel unclear
Too many people have said goodbye
To the point where I no longer try
To keep friends at my side
Now I'm just along for the ride

I'm terrified of everything
Even the reflection looking back at me
I feel a missing piece
Like something won't let me be
Track Name: We're The Ghostbusters
We got the call. There's been a ghoul
We've got the gadgets; we've got the tools
Its time to roll; grab Ecto-1
Let's go bag a ghost and have some fun

I ain't afraid. Why should I be?
I've been looking for ghosts since the age of thirteen
We're ready to believe
The first line of defence against the deceased

Packs on. Light it up.
Trap's out. Snap it shut.
Another class four is contained
No apocalypse happening here today

I've done the science, I've read the history
Ain't no ghost getting the best of me
When you've got a spirit around
Give us a call, we'll sort it out

I ain't afraid. Why should I be?
I've got the greatest team beside me
Try to debunk all you want
We're still here trying to save New York

We're the ghostbusters!

I ain't afraid of no ghosts

I ain't afraid of ghosts, they should be scared of me
With all these gadgets, ready take on an army
Ready to save the day, bust all these ghouls away
Who are we? Ghostbusters is the name!
I ain't afraid of ghosts, they should be scared of me
Not going to get the best of this team
About to take you down, no ghouls left around
Who are we? Ghostbusters is the name!
Track Name: I'm Okay (Let Me Be)
Let me start by saying "I hope you're doing fine"
I know we haven't spoken in quite some time
Things were said but more left unspoken
We missed our moment
Self-hate. Laying blame. I can't do that again
I'm moving on; currently in a good place
Thought it was my fault for so long
You weren't there; now I'm the one that's gone

We'll always have Star Wars and Buffy
Video games on a Sunday evening
All the bad won't erase the good memories
But now you've gotta let me be

Let me start by saying "I'm doing okay"
It took some time but the pain and angers gone away
It's better things ended up this way
I'm asking you to stay away
I made a choice not to live with the misery
A weight has lifted and I feel free
I'm better off and the reverse is true
Not saying this to hurt you; it's just the truth

We'll always have BSG and Babylon 5
All the trips we took and riding our bikes
All the bad won't erase the good memories
But now you've gotta let me be

I'm not the kid you used to know
I've had to learn to get by on my own
Never feeling good enough; now I know my worth
Let's just call this a rebirth

We'll always have the good times that came before
But nothing can fix this anymore
Sometime's it's hard to remember the good memories
Now you've gotta let me be
Track Name: Someone
I need you to hold me close
Hold me and never let me go
Look at me with that glow
That look that says you just know

I want someone to want me
I need someone to need me
Like Pikachu and his bottle of ketchup

That look of love in your eyes
That look of longing you can't disguise
Treat me like I'm your prize
Like I'm the Sun that brightens you skies

I've searched far and wide
Oh God how I have tried
Hoping and praying every day
I just want someone to look at me that way
Track Name: Flesh & Bone / Wires & Chrome
They walk among us, so the rumours say
A deadly killer behind a pretty face
Infiltrated, then blew up our homes
Now through space we roam

They're made from flesh and bone
Not just from wires and chrome
But we are a family
We'll stand up to the enemy

When I look at you I see the face of a friend
How could it have turned into a deception in the end?
Lies. Lies. That's all it ever was
You pretend to be one of us but you betrayed us

I thought you were flesh and bone
Not made from wires and chrome
You were a family
And now you're my enemy

Blood. It's on your hands
Death. You're the reason lives end
Fear. We'll never show it
Fight. We'll match you bullet for bullet

When I look in the mirror who is it really staring back at me?
I thought I knew who it was behind the face I see
Is it all a lie? Can I trust my memories?
How can I be one of my enemies?

Who am I?

I thought I was flesh and bone
Not made from wires and chrome
We were a family
And now I'm your enemy
Track Name: Strange Things
Strange things are going on in this town
Something lurkin' when the lights go out
It's outta character for this quiet place
Every day another missing persons case
Don't find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time
And don't go down to the woods tonight

If I should be gone when you awake
Leave the lights on, I'll communicate
If I should vanish without a trace
Please don't let the Upside Down be my fate

There's static on the phone and voices in the radio
The walls are moving on their own
Lights are flickering; oh God I'm not alone!
Now I'm somewhere dark and cold
Don't find yourself at the wrong place at the wrong time
Don't find yourself on the other side

Can anybody hear me?
There's monsters here after me
I haven't got much time
If you're there please give me a sign
Track Name: Tryin'
When I was a kid I was told to do my best
My best was good enough as long as I tried
But best gets harder the older I get
Fighting against the voice of doubt screaming inside
Some days getting out of bed can be a task
And I'm so afraid I'm going to disappoint
But I craft my determination and wear it like a mask
Giving up isn't an option at this point

I'm here and I'm trying
I'm here and I'm trying so hard
I'm here and I'm trying to carry on

I'm doing the best with what I've got
Not looking to change the world, maybe warm a few hearts
I'm here and I'm trying and I'll never stop
Never stop working; love and heart poured into every part
Just cause no one is listening doesn't mean that no one cares
It may seem like life is passing you by
You have to stick with it and put yourself out there
A dream is a just a dream unless you try

When you find you calling chase it
Find your meaning embrace it
Push away the doubt
Ignore the voices in your head
Following your bliss
Is the only choice you have here

This is for me as much as its for you
I need this like I need to breath
The best advice I ever got is you do you
When the world is closing in you just have to believe
Track Name: No, I'm Not Incredible
Mundane job. Part of a mundane life
I was born for greatness but forced to hide
A different identity is what I wore
And my true purpose was made to ignore

Now I can't change the way I am
I was born different to most humans
Feared and ridiculed by man
Yet I chose to protect all those I can

Forced to fit in; wearing shirts and ties
Told it's not conventional to wear a mask and tights
So I try to find a way to live; acceptable to you
And do all the good that I can secretly do

Do you know what it's like to have to hide?
And pretend you're not you to the world outside
Do you know what it's like to be invisible?
And to have to pretend you're not incredible?

There was more to this life
Until I was made to give up the fight
Just hope one day dark will eclipse the light
And I'll be called again to fulfill my birthright