When I Grow Up EP

by TheFifthSister

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When I Grow Up is the 2nd EP released by TheFifthSister.

TheFifthSister would like to thank Dr Vern, KSV and the rest of Sci-Fried, Alpha Riff and Marc With A C for their relentless support, advice and friendship. You guys are the best!


released January 12, 2015

All songs written, performed, engineered and mixed by TheFifthSister.
Recorded at Quad Studios, Leicester, UK. www.quadstudios.co.uk
Artwork by TheFifthSister




TheFifthSister Leicester, UK

When I look back sometimes I wish I'd been a ninja...

Geek rock straight outta England.

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Track Name: When I Grow Up...
I wanna be a vampire slayer
Vampires and monsters won’t have a prayer
Against the forces of evil I’ll defend
I stake Edward… The end.
I wanna be a warrior princess
Save my best friend weekly from death
Back flipping, fire spitting, cut of the glow of blood to your brain
My many skills will save the day again

When I grow up that’s how it’s gonna be
Gonna be all the things I wanna be
You just wait and see
Turning fantasy into reality

I wanna be a Jedi knight
Against the Sith and Empire I’ll fight
Team up with a smuggler and a Wookie
Blow up a death star then party
I wanna go into outer space
Introduce life “out there” to the human race
By space ship or Stargate out among the stars
I’ll be greater than Kirk and Picard

Jump around in pyjamas like a ninja
Wave a stick around like a pirate in a swashbuckler
Swing a broomstick like I’m the battling bard
Climbing the walls like Spider-man is always hard
Try to make my belt buckle morph me into a Power Ranger
Pretend to have asthma like Darth Vader
Try to move things with my mind like Jean Grey
Sporting latex and a cape every single day

I wanna fight crime in a mask and cape
For villains and henchmen there will be no escape
Fly around; wear my underwear on the outside
BAM! POM! I win every fight
Track Name: Destructo Girl
Sometimes the world weighs down on her
The pressure is too much to bear
A voice is screaming from inside
She tries to run. Tries to hide
She's running fast.
Not moving far at all.

Circumstances beyond her control
Bottles up feelings. She's set to implode
Maybe she could be happy
If only she could see
Not just a girl.
She could change the world.

Looking for comfort in all the wrong places
Instead of confiding in familiar faces
She tries to ignore the troubles but I can see them in her eyes
She should just take it one day at a time
Then maybe it wouldn't feel like its all collapsing in

She just lives inside her mind
Its the safest place to hide
But now the world is passing her by
Pat once warned against wasting precious time

When it feels like the walls are closing in
She forgets life's not always what it seems
It can't rain all the time
Sometimes the sun has got to shine
Track Name: Fallen Heroes
One day you’re there and the next you’re gone
Always seems like you haven’t been here for long
Victim of circumstance or a plot devise?
Seems like the favourites are always the ones to die
Maybe the writer was having a bad day
And you were the innocent that got in the way
Did you consider those left behind?
All the fans that night that cried?

Hope and dreams shatter down
Hearts break as the hero hits the ground
Feel the killing blow like its our own
Hurts us more than you can know

Cliffhanger leads to nine months of denial
Dreaming up every possible way of survival
I will not accept your storyline as the end
Turn to fanfic as my saviour once again

Guns don’t kill people… Joss Whedon does
Rob Tapert also likes to screw with us
Brad Wright, where have all the doctors gone?
Jack Kenny, couldn’t you have left the apples alone?
Damien Kindler, why do the good die young?
Rockne O’Bannon the season of death was no fun
Ronald D. Moore your body count was too high
It’s a miracle anyone even survived

Hopes and dreams come shattering down
Hearts break as the hero hits the ground
Now so many live with grief
Another casualty of TV
Track Name: Here's To You
I see your smiling face
It brightens up the place
In a sunny way
It brightens up my day
When I'm feeling down
You turn my mood around
Now my smile's wide
I've got you by my side

You don't know how much you mean to me

I don't have to fear
Cause I know you're always there
I'm always here for you
I hope you know that's true
When we're apart
You're always in my heart
I love you in every way
Cause we're one in the same

You don't know how much you mean to me

Here's to you my friend
Together until the end
Here's to you my friends
Here's to you

You don't know how much you mean to me