We're The Ghostbusters

by TheFifthSister

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Inspired by the reboot which I absolutely loved and may be a little obsessed with.

We all aren't fans of the Fall Out Boy cover song used.

This is my attempt at giving Ghostbusters 2016 the theme it deserved.


We got the call. There's been a ghoul
We've got the gadgets; we've got the tools
Its time to roll; grab Ecto-1
Let's go bag a ghost and have some fun

I ain't afraid. Why should I be?
I've been looking for ghosts since the age of thirteen
We're ready to believe
The first line of defence against the deceased

Packs on. Light it up.
Trap's out. Snap it shut.
Another class four is contained
No apocalypse happening here today

I've done the science, I've read the history
Ain't no ghost getting the best of me
When you've got a spirit around
Give us a call, we'll sort it out

I ain't afraid. Why should I be?
I've got the greatest team beside me
Try to debunk all you want
We're still here trying to save New York

We're the ghostbusters!

I ain't afraid of no ghosts

I ain't afraid of ghosts, they should be scared of me
With all these gadgets, ready take on an army
Ready to save the day, bust all these ghouls away
Who are we? Ghostbusters is the name!
I ain't afraid of ghosts, they should be scared of me
Not going to get the best of this team
About to take you down, no ghouls left around
Who are we? Ghostbusters is the name!


released October 31, 2016
TheFifthSister would like to thank the Nerdy.fm crew, Sci-Fried, Marc With A C, Kirby Krackle, The PDX Broadsides and The Doubleclicks for their relentless support and advice. You guys are the best and inspire my every day!

Lyrics by TheFifthSister
Music written, performed, engineered and mixed by TheFifthSister.
TheFifthSister recorded at Quad Studios, Leicester, UK. www.quadstudios.co.uk

Artwork by TheFifthSister
Inspired by this artwork on Redbubble. Seriously, grab this. I got the sticker on my laptop and it's AMAZEBALLS! www.redbubble.com/people/bethofalltrades/works/22667796-ghostbusters-2016-squad-goals?grid_pos=2&p=sticker




TheFifthSister Leicester, UK

A fangirl from England. I write about my fandoms and geeky ways.

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