Z​.​A. Days

by TheFifthSister

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A tale of post zombie apocalypse survival.


Trioxin spilled and spread like a plague around the world
Now the streets are filled with zombie boys and zombie girls
Thousands died on day one; now its twenty eight days later
Few survivors remain; constantly living in danger
What’s left to live for holed up underground
In house and malls trying to keep the zombies out?
Haven’t seen the sun in… I don’t know how long
This nightmare never ends; it just goes on and on

There’s no future; no tomorrow; only here and now
Just an unknown stretch of time until they break the door down

This weapon is the difference between life and death
Only sense of security while living under constant threat
Scavenging and looting while always watching your back
Gathering enough supplies to survive the next attack
When the power cuts out how do we go on?
How do we survive once all the food is gone?
That’s if a zombie doesn’t get to me first
This nightmare never ends; it just gets worse and worse

There’s not much left to do except wait for the end
Bunkered down with what’s left of family and friends
There’s no fun, no laughter, no joy; only the bereft
Clinging on to love and hope is all that we have left


Written, performed, recorded and programmed by TheFifthSister.
Recorded at Quad Studios, Leicester, UK. www.quadstudios.co.uk
Artwork by TheFifthSister

All sound effects sourced from SoundBible.com.




TheFifthSister Leicester, UK

A fangirl from England. I write about my fandoms and geeky ways.

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